Redaction of the newspaper “Zangar”

West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University named Zhangir-Khan established its own newspaper called “Zangar” in March 2004. The circle of the newspaper is twice per a month. The format of newspaper is on the A4 paper and it consists eight pages.

         It has been around 13 years, since the newspaper started publishing variety of interesting materials and articles, which devoted and dedicated for students of the university. Also, the newspaper “Zangar” is a credible and the official source to inform students and faculties with official information about the social life and events around the university.

        The target audience of the newspaper is students. Therefore, the content of the newspaper includes materials about the value of knowledge, social behaving, upbringing, social activities, healthy lifestyle and patriotism. Appropriately, there are relevant rubrics for the content of the newspaper. For example: “Peers”, “Youth Creation”, “Youth and Politics”, “Health” and “Alumni”.

         Tarbiye Oryngalievna Smagulova is a well-known journalist and a member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, was the first editor of the newspaper “Zangar”. Then, the next editor was Muratbek Sanakovich Erjakipov who made significant contribution to the newspaper. Then, the newspaper was under leadership of the group of alumni of the university. They were Zhidegul Gafarovna Amangalieva, Dinara Zhumabekovna Esentaeva and Aigul Zholsarievna Akhmetova.

         The current chief editor of the newspaper is Kenzhina Karakozaiym Bolatovna and Kayrat Maksutovich Isimov who is a designer of the newspaper.

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